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Why Recreational Therapy?

The National Cancer Institute defines Recreational Therapy as,"A type of therapy that uses activities to help meet the physical and emotional needs of patients with an illness or disability and help them develop skills for daily living."

Recreational Therapy (RT) is an allied health profession that uses activities you enjoy to improve health and well-being. 

What are Recreational Therapists?

Recreational Therapists in Texas are Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) and/or Therapeutic Recreational Specialist/Texas Certified (TRS/TXC). 

Conditions Treated?

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Membership Fee?
Our services require monthly membership.

The monthly membership fee is $360 and includes 4 private therapy sessions (45 minutes each) per month + all-access signup to group activity sessions (space permitting).
Membership Benefits?
Each member receives:
  • First session Initial Clinical Health Assessment & Monthly Evaluation with Clinical Director Recreational Therapist (RT)
  • Member's Choice for All-Access Signup for Group Activity Sessions (based on availability, limited spaces per group)
  • Member's Choice between Online or In-Person Sessions for each Private Session
  • Member's Choice On-Request Private Sessions (no appointment needed during Walk-in Hours)
  • Member's Choice to pause or cancel monthly membership at any time (cancellation effective at the conclusion of the current prepaid month)
Cost to Add People?
A member may add minor children under 18 for an additional $49 per month per child (to share one membership together).

A member may add adults over 18 for an additional $99 per month per adult (to share one membership together).

Attend Therapy 

What Happens In First Session?

The first session is an initial Intake Assessment. In that session, the Recreational Therapist reviews your health history, administers and assessment of activities that you enjoy and develops a Plan for you to achieve your therapeutic goals.

What Happens After First Session?

In the private Recreational Therapy sessions after Intake, the therapist will work with you to reach your Plan goals while doing activities that you enjoy. 

  • For example, if you like video games, your session may include playing video games. 
  • If you enjoy art, your session may include art (creating it, appreciating it, etc.). If you enjoy gardening, your session may include gardening. 
  • If you enjoy business/career activities, your sessions may include Executive Coaching. 

The session is created around your individual interests to meet your health goalsAccess to sign-up for Group Sessions is also available.

What Is The Therapy Process?