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Virtual Reality (VR)


About Virtual Reality Therapy

What is Virtual Reality Therapy?
  • Virtual Reality Therapy integrates virtual reality immersion experiences for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of psychological and physical health conditions.
How May Recreational Therapy (RT) Help Me Using Virtual Reality Treatment Technique?

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How We Provide Virtual Reality Therapy

  • Inclusion Therapies integrates gaming and virtual reality technology utilizing AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHZ + AMD RX 580 8 GB graphics card on a 30" FHD Ultrawide 21:9 2560x1080p 200Hz refresh rate curved gaming monitor, the Oculus/ Meta Quest 1 and 2 headsets (and Playstation 5).
  • Virtual reality therapy sessions are at our Lake Travis Center for Therapeutic Recreation Technology (CTRT) or online inside a private setting within a virtual world (if the client has the requisite hardware and software).
  • During in-person sessions, the therapist team will attach the head mounted display and the hand held controllers (and assist client with calibration).
  • The client and Recreational Therapist will select a Virtual Reality (VR) experience relating to their healthcare outcomes. For example, someone with a fear of heights may select to ride a roller coaster to be exposed to a situation mimicking heights while they are aware that they are standing (or sitting) safe on the ground. Someone who is engaged in physical rehabilitation and previously loved to climb mountains may select mountain climbing. 
  • During in-person sessions, the therapist team will be physically next to client (to ensure safety) and will also be verbally guiding the client during the VR session (as the computer monitor shows the virtual world that client is immersed within). 
  • During each VR therapy session the client will be engaged in VR and then have a debriefing session (to talk about the VR sensations and reactions). 
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