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Recreational Therapy for Seniors


Recreational Therapy and Older Adults

What is Recreational Therapy (RT) for Seniors?

The National Cancer Institute defines Recreational Therapy (RT) as,
  "A type of therapy that uses activities to help meet the physical and emotional needs of patients with an illness or disability and help them develop skills for daily living."
We treat health and wellness conditions by the client doing activities they enjoy.  

How May Recreational Therapy (RT) for Seniors Help Me?

"Recreational therapists try to make therapy as maintainable and useful as possible. 

They do so by focusing on activities you enjoy and skills you have an interest in learning. 

They also try to involve your family and community." 

- Cleveland Clinic

View Educational Video from ProMedica Senior Care:

Does RT Help Seniors in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)?

Mobile Recreational Therapy (RT) Services are not included in our Monthly Membership
Please contact us for a customized fee assessment to send a therapy team to provide services onsite at an Assisted Living or SNF.

"Recreational therapy is a skilled service, prescribed by a physician as part of a patient’s treatment plan, and is a medically necessary service in SNFs and many other settings."

View Educational Video from St. Joseph's Health Care London in Canada: