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Dad & Infant Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Group

"Therapeutic Recreation (TR) includes activities, often viewed as fun, 

that can provide tangible, positive, clinical outcomes for children." 

- Nationwide Children's Hospital


This is a group provided for our members who are fathers of infants.  


  • This group is to support and enhance father and infant interaction as, "Father-infant bonding is important for child development." The benefits of a strong relationship last longer than childhood as "a strong father-son bond forged during childhood may help men deal with everyday stress later in life."

    • In the research article, "What about dad? Psychosocial and mental health issues for new fathers," evidence shows that "the father-infant relationship is influenced by the partner relationship as well as the fathers psychological wellbeing."


Access to sign-up for all available groups is included with each active monthly membership subscription to Inclusion Therapies.  

  • This is a group (maximum size of four fathers with their infants, 8 total participants).